Is This You?

Who You Are

You are between the ages of 25 and 55. You’re intelligent, hard-working, and driven. You have a strong analytical mind, but you also possess an intuitive side, and a sense about people. You probably have a degree or two (or three) under your belt, and have achieved success in most aspects of your life, whether personally or professionally.

You strive to be the best in everything you do. You pride yourself on having extremely high standards (mostly for yourself, the kind that gets constantly adjusted upward). In fact, while family and friends think and believe that you’ve done pretty well in life, you berate yourself regularly for not being further along. When asked what accomplishments you are most proud of, your answer: what accomplishments?

You are the definition of dependable. You are the rock among your family and friends, the fixer whom everyone calls for counsel and advice. You love being the “go-to” person and you would never let anyone down, EVER.


The Issues You’re Facing

While there is plenty of external approval and validation, and your life seems pretty wonderful to everyone else, you have been secretly feeling a sense of emptiness, a feeling that seems to grow with each passing year.

You go through the motions of day-to-day life on autopilot. You are exhausted from all the expectations and responsibilities and demands on your time and energy. You are growing less and less motivated at your job, and it’s harder and harder to feign enthusiasm.

You are terrified that life will pass by without you fulfilling your potential. You yearn for meaning and fulfillment. You want to lead a purpose-based life of joy and happiness. But what is your PURPOSE in life? How do you find out what YOU want or whom you are meant to BE?

Even if you have an inkling for what your purpose may be, you’re terrified of making a change and failing (can’t someone guarantee it’ll all work out??), and the judgment (and even worse, the rejection) that will ensue.

You feel stuck between the life you want and the seemingly comfortable life you lead.


How You Work

You’re a big fan of self-examination and self-improvement. You’ve read quite a few self-help books, and you are pretty well-versed in the theories and principles. They all make sense intellectually, yet you find it difficult to apply anything you’ve learned and make it stick for more than a couple of weeks.

You’re convinced you just haven’t found that exact nugget of wisdom you need. In the process of searching for it, you’ve gathered and organized quite a bit of information, most of which you haven’t had time to go through. The sheer amount of information overwhelms you, not to mention the amount of change you think you need to make, which is usually an overhaul of everything.

When you do discover a new piece of information that sounds promising, you make a plan to change. You follow it for a few days or maybe even a week, then something happens and you “fall off the horse”. You become dejected and convinced that there is just too much in your life that needs to be changed and that there is no way it’ll all be fixed. After a few weeks of feeling despair and hopeless, something triggers the “go-getter” in you. You decide to wipe the slate clean and try again, and this time, you vow to yourself to do it perfectly. You make another plan…and the cycle continues.


What You Need

In a nutshell, a major overhaul.

I’m kidding. :)

You do need an overhaul, but not in the way you’ve been thinking about it. What you need to change is HOW you approach making changes in your life.

You need CLARITY around what YOU want, and what changes to make.

You need a STEP-BY-STEP, organized approach to get out of the confusion and the fear.

You need to learn how to END OVERWHELM and GET UNSTUCK.

You need a DOABLE ACTION PLAN that moves you forward and leads to measurable results.

You need someone who has made the journey from where you are to where you want to be, to offer a fresh perspective, to hold you accountable, to warn you about pitfalls, to nudge you out of your comfort zone, in a loving and gentle way.

That’s where I come in.

Ready to learn more? Here is what I offer.