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Hello. I’m Jarlin. I am a life coach. Jarlin Sung

I believe we each have a unique gift and purpose in life, and we’re the happiest and most fulfilled when we live our lives in alignment with that purpose.

My life purpose is to help you find your unique purpose and shine your light.

I wasn’t always so clear about my purpose.

I spent years chasing after what I thought I had wanted, which was largely based on external standards and expectations, including studying to be a concert pianist, getting degrees from schools like MIT and UC Berkeley, working for a Fortune 100 high-tech company, among other things.

I was a classic perfectionist and people-pleaser (not a recipe for a easy life, trust me :)). I took pride in my impossibly high standards for myself, and the fact that people can always depend on me, no matter what the cost is. My life seemed perfect on the outside, but in reality, I was neglecting myself, and I was deeply unhappy and unfulfilled.

Having lived my life up to that point based on others’ dreams and expectations of me, I had no clue what I wanted. I was so out of touch with me that I didn’t even know how to find out. What’s more, I was terrified to try anything new and fail.

For years, I kept myself stuck in confusion and fear and inaction, until one day, I realized that not doing something is no longer an option, because I was slowly dying inside.

I started reading self-help books, hiring coaches, investing in coaching programs.

Very slowly I learned to re-connect with myself. I learned to live life according to what I wanted, not what others wanted for me, however well-intentioned. I learned to face my fear of failure and judgment, mostly from that critical voice in my head. I learned to deal with overwhelm, get unstuck and take action. I started to move forward.

I’m still learning and moving forward every single day, but I have never been happier or more grateful, for the life I have and what I get to spend everyday doing.

I share my story for one simple reason.

If I can make the transformation with all my perfectionist and people-pleasing tendencies, SO CAN YOU!

I’m not saying it will be easy, but you certainly don’t have to make this journey alone.

You’re meant to SHINE in this world. I’m here to help.

Are you ready to illuminate the world with your light?

Official Bio

Jarlin SungJarlin Sung is the founder of Self Love CoachingTM, a company dedicated to helping successful men and women who are feeling unfulfilled and stuck find their unique purpose and live an authentic life of joy and happiness. A recovering perfectionist and people-pleaser, Jarlin is passionate about ending suffering caused by addiction to external approval, and spreading the importance and power of self-love.

Tying together wisdom from teachers from all ages and her own experiences and insights, Jarlin offers her clients a systematic, holistic approach which combines taking practical action steps and examining negative beliefs and mindsets, to help them get unstuck from confusion and fear and overwhelm, and thrive in their unique purpose-based life.

“I believe we are happiest when we live our lives in alignment with our unique life purpose,” says Jarlin, “deep down we each know what that purpose is. What we need to learn is how to listen to that voice from within, and take consistent steps toward the life we are meant to lead. I am so grateful that I get to spend my life helping my clients shine their lights in the world as brightly as possible.”

Jarlin regularly provides advice to help individuals live a purpose-based and joyful life via her weekly Shine & IlluminateTM eZine. For a limited time, sign up and receive Jarlin’s 21-day Awaken Your Inner Guide self-study program, absolutely FREE.

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*Jarlin received her life coaching training from Dr. Martha Beck, best-selling author and a monthly columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine.