How To Have What You Want…NOW

Get What You Want NOWWhat if I told you, you could have whatever you want right now, no waiting required?

Are you skeptical but intrigued? Does it sound too good to be true?

Well, I’m happy to say that the old adage “If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is” does not apply in this particular case.

I do in fact have a secret and a shortcut to share with you. They will help you get whatever you desire, right now.

To illustrate how this all works, I’m going to use money as an example, since so many of us spend so much of our time working hard for it.

Let’s say you have a goal to make a million dollars (or substitute in whatever amount that feels right for you).

I want you to spend the next couple of minutes imaging what it feels like to have that money.

Go ahead, I’ll wait. :-)

Feeling pretty good? Awesome.

Now, I am going to make your dream come true and give you a million dollars, but with just one tiny catch: the money is yours as long as you don’t spend it on anything.

How do you feel now?

Remember, you have the money. You just can’t spend it.

I’m guessing you don’t like me very much right now, and you’re probably feeling pretty differently versus just a few short moments ago.

That’s because one million dollars in and of itself can’t do much for you. Of course you can touch it, smell it, look at it…but if you can’t spend it on anything, it’s pretty much useless.

(Okay, I suppose you can burn the big pile of cash and make a nice fire, but you know what I’m getting at. :-))

Money is a means to an end. It allows you to have something, go somewhere, do or not do something…in other words, you don’t actually want the money; what you are after is the experience money allows you to have.

Are you with me?


Now I’d like you to go one step further and ask yourself: “WHY do I want this experience?”

You will come up with something along the lines of: “I want X, because it makes me feel Y.”

If you don’t believe me, try it with your own list of goals. For each item, continue to ask yourself “WHY” until you get to the core reason. I’m willing to bet that at the heart of each and every item on your list lies a desire to feel a certain way.

Here is an over-simplified example: “I want a million dollars, because then I can buy whatever I want, because that makes me feel abundant.”

Notice what I really want is the feeling of abundance; it’s just that I am attaching it to my ability to purchase, which then gets translated into an amount of money I need.

And that’s the secret: you don’t want what you think you want; you want a feeling state.

At the core of each of our desires is a feeling state, a feeling state unattached to any specific thing, event, or circumstance, a feeling state of freedom, exhilaration, security, peace, connection, fulfillment…and ultimately, happiness.

What we often forget though, is that there are multiple ways to get to the feeling state we want. There are more than one way to feel secure, fulfilled, free, connected, and happy. My purchasing ability may be one way through which I can feel abundant, but it isn’t the only way or the best way. It’s just one of the many ways.

Do you feel the possibilities opening up?

That brings me to the shortcut. :-)

Once you’ve identified a feeling state you desire, look for other ways than the one you originally identified, simpler and easier and quicker ways, to get there right now.

One of my lifelong dreams is to live in an oceanfront house. The ocean makes me feel expansive and free, and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore always calms and centers me. In other words, I want to feel free, centered, and peaceful.

So how can I have what I want right now?

I make it a point to go sit by the ocean and have some “me” time at least once a month. I meditate to help myself feel centered and at peace. And whenever possible, I spend the extra money and gift myself with an ocean view room when I travel.

I’d still like an oceanfront house, sure, but not having it doesn’t stop me from feeling free, centered, or at peace, which is what I truly want at the end of the day. And being clear about what I truly want saves me a lot of unnecessary stress and agony that come with not yet having what I think I want.

Now it’s your turn.

Pick an item from your list, and do a little digging to get clear about the feeling state you are after. Remember to continue until you get to a feeling state that is unattached to any specific thing, event, or circumstance.

Then get creative, and brainstorm other ways you can get that feeling state right now. Do them as often as you can.

And if you’re wondering (like some of my clients do), the shortcuts do not conflict with your pursuit of the original goal.

You can still work toward it. The shortcuts simply allow you to enjoy the desired feeling state now, which keeps you happy, which in my opinion increases the probability of your reaching any goal you set for yourself.

And perhaps after you achieve the desired feeling state via the shortcuts, you find yourself no longer wanting to pursue the original goal…fantastic!! Now you can spend your time and energy pursuing something new and different.

It’s a win-win situation.

And best of all, you already have exactly what you want, right now, and anything additional would simply be cherries on top. :-)

What is ONE THING you can do TODAY to get what you want?

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