Why You Must Celebrate Yourself

Celebrate Yourself!I released my brand new website and blog into the world last week. It was great, and it felt good!

It was a lot of work leading up to the launch, but I did it, and I was super proud of myself for the accomplishment…

for about 5 minutes.

The truth is, as soon as I had checked off all the items on my “Launch To-Do List”, I immediately started to compile a new list, a “Post-Launch To-Do List”, with meaty items like “engage in social media marketing”, “learn about search engine optimization”, “create blog post content list”, etc.

Just making that list gave me a headache.

I was getting a little stressed out, until a friend of mine emailed me, “Congratulations on the launch! What are you doing to celebrate?”

That stopped me dead in my tracks. Oops, I forgot to celebrate.

I don’t mean celebrate as in throwing a party, although that’s not a bad idea. :-)

To me, celebration has come to mean more than that. It is first and foremost a celebration of myself. It means taking time to recognize and acknowledge what I’ve doneIt is an act of self-love.

I didn’t used to think this way. I used to live a world of achievement without acknowledgement. I never acknowledged or celebrated any of my achievements, no matter how big. I didn’t think taking time to celebrate them was necessary. After all, I knew what I had accomplished. What more would celebrating add? I thought celebrating too much would make me complacent, and not wanting to achieve more.

Well, I didn’t get complacent. I got tired.

After years of achieving without acknowledgment, in the name of continuous self-improvement and striving for excellence, I was physically and mentally exhausted from constantly chasing after the ever-changing goal post.

Then I learned the concept of self acknowledgement, and it literally changed my life.

Having made a conscious effort to practice self-acknowledgement for the last couple of years, I’m now a firm believer in the celebration of self. In fact, I believe it is a crucial skill to develop if you want to give yourself a power boost and propel yourself toward your life goals.

Here are three reasons why you should start celebrating yourself ASAP!

Reason #1 – it recognizes action regardless of results
A client of mine recently showed up to her session a bit depressed. After a prior week of serendipitous events that propelled her speedily toward her goal, she had hit a “slow” week.

“Nothing is happening,” She lamented. “I feel so unaccomplished.”

I knew this wasn’t true. She had taken all sorts of steps that week toward her goal, some of them required summing up courage and facing fears of judgment and failure. But she didn’t feel accomplished, because she hadn’t seen any external results.

This is something we all have a tendency to do. We don’t think “accomplishment” unless we see external results. And we tend to dismiss the seemingly small actions we take, even though they represent a big step internally, whether facing a fear or shifting a mindset.

I asked my client to make a list of every single thing she had done that week, big or small, especially the ones that required courage. She came up with a LONG list that she was proud of, and just like that, she stopped allowing external results determine how accomplished she felt.

Reason #2 – it allows you to have a say in how you feel 
When you rely on external approval and appreciation as the only form of acknowledgement and recognition, you give up the power of deciding when you feel accomplished.

There is nothing wrong with external approval and appreciation, but do you need it in order to feel accomplished and worthy?

If yes, try acknowledging yourself. The more you do it, the less you’ll need the external validation. It works!

Reason #3 – it builds momentum, motivation and confidence
Back in the days when I didn’t recognize my achievements, I used to spend hours lamenting how little I had accomplished and how much improvement I needed to make.

Then I started to make a daily Ta-Dah list, of everything I accomplished during that day. The results were amazing!

I found myself lamenting less and doing more. Looking at past Ta-Dah lists helped build motivation and momentum toward taking even more action toward my goals. They also gave me the confidence that I could accomplish whatever I set out to do.

Just to set the record straight, there is nothing wrong with setting higher goals, or wanting to improve and grow and expand. In fact, I’m a big believer in all of these things.

But I’d like to invite you to change how you set your goals.

Try looking behind you at the gap you’ve closed, before you look at the gap ahead that is still open. Take the time to make your own Ta-Dah list. And while you write down each item, really allow yourself to feel the sense of pride and accomplishment.

First acknowledge yourself for everything you’ve accomplished, then reach for the stars. :-)

Trust me, you will get to them faster this way.

In what ways can you acknowledge and celebrate yourself today?

If you already do this, what is your favorite way of celebrating yourself?

Share your answers in the comments below!

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  1. What a wonderful article! I read it it morning before the “to do” list hit, and it totally set a positive tone for the rest of my day. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jarlin Sung says:

      Thanks Helen! I’m so glad it helped!

      Try making a Ta-Dah list at the end of day…it will make it easier for you to tackle that “to-do” list in the morning!!

  2. Very true. I tend to celebrate this notion of “big important items” only, like completing a marathon or getting the job I wanted. It’s not often I do these things, thanks goodness, but that leaves very little room for celebration. I set a goal of losing weight last year & so far have lost some but yet to reach my desired range. I’m going to take your advice & celebrate anyway, for the lbs that I did lose & for keeping up with the exercises. Got to celebrate the small wins, right?

    • Jarlin Sung says:

      That’s absolutely right! :)

      In addition to tracking the lbs, I’d also suggest being clear about how much you want to exercise and how you are going to eat every day. Make realistic and trackable goals. When you complete them for the day, make a point to celebrate!

      Keep me posted!

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